Buqqit grants are lumps sums of money we give out every week to help one lucky user cross something off of their bucket list. Here’s how it works:

Every Monday our team selects 4 interesting and original Buqqit posts to be nominated for a Buqqit grant.

4 choices

We then post a poll asking the Buqqit community to vote for which post they think should win the grant. At the end of every week all the votes are counted and the winning post is announced.

bar graph

The winning member then has to cross that post off their Buqqit list in order to receive the Buqqit grant. You can find a list of our past grant winners here.


Even better – the bigger Buqqit gets, the bigger and more frequent the grants get. It’s just our way of showing our appreciation for the awesome Buqqit community. So what are you waiting for? Come join us!